Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Night Out

I was forewarned by a girl from michigan who lived with Myriel last year that she is not the best cook in the world. Welp, I'm pretty sure thats the biggest understatement I've ever heard. We had our first meal together last night, and luckily she didn't screw up the frozen veggies, but the hamburger patty was practically looking into my eyes and mooing at me. Not even my dad, who likes his meat on the rare side, would have touched it; it was practically cold from the lack of cooking. After dinner I actually thought it was more healthy to go out and drink just to kill the mad cow that could be potentially rotting in my stomach.

So Celia, my sorority sister on my program, and I met at the metro stop Hotel de Ville in the Marais to grab drinks. It was a monday night so everything seemed to be closed, except this place with flashing purple lights. It wasn't until we sat down that we noticed practically everyone in the bar was male, and they were perfectly groomed, each equipped with some finely coiffed hair. Little did we know that the Marais was a huge gay area...

After our first drink there we walked around trying to find a place that didn't scream boys only, but we had little luck. Finally we found this small cafe and grabbed a bottle of wine. It ended up being a local hangout and we had the best time and met some very cool people.

Let me just say that Parisians get a terrible wrap for being rude and dismissive, but in my time here, nearly everyone has been incredibly friendly, whether it be helping me with directions, my pronunciations, or where to find soy yogurt in the super market. I've noticed that they love to talk to you, partly out of curiosity, or just out of pure kindness. They like to practice their english, and I like to practice my french so it is a win win for both.

Celia and I ended up getting into a philosophical conversation with some man who looked like the younger french version of Doc Brown. He was very bizarre and kept asking us if we believed in extra terrestrials. Then this woman, Raphaelle came up to our table, and she was so cool. She works at the largest news radio station in France, and lives outside of Paris near Versailles. She wants me and Celia to come to her house and practice our french by practicing english with her two young kids on some days of the weekends. She told us we can drink tea and eat bonbons in her garden, and it sounds like a blast. Hopefully that will actually happen!

Celia and I had stayed at the cafe for over three hours, way past closing, and the waitress told us of a cool place that had "after hours" up the street called Connetable. We went but it seemed sort of dead so we tried to hail a cab that was near a group of young kids our age. This boy started talking to us in french and asked if we wanted the "flower" he was holding which was just a stick of leaves. He ended up lightly hitting it on my forehead and me and celia thought what a piece of merde! (look that word up on your risk) We ran into the Connetable to seek salvage and the bartender took a liking to us and called us a cab. There we talked to this beautiful french woman who told us all the cool local places to go whether for appetizers, for the night, or for after hours. Then the little merde and his friends came into the Connetable and tried to talk to us again. He came in to apologize and said he was only joking and that his english is very bad. Honestly, you know you can speak a language well if you can understand jokes and even say them yourself. Even in the US its very hard to be funny when no one understands what you are saying, just ask my parents..

So we ended up grabbing a table with the four boys and two girls, and sharing a few bottles of wine with them. They study at the Sorbonne and it ended up being a blast. After we left the Connetable, where the 60 year old bartender fell in love with Celia, we walked through the streets with the Parisians trying to find another place to go. It was 3 in the morning and everything was either closed, or wouldn't admit girls since we were in the Marais.

We walked all the way to the 11th district where some of the other kids and I live, which was very convenient since I didn't have to take a cab home which would have been super expensive.

It blows my mind how many amazing people you meet when you are open with people and willing to chat. Paris et Parisians sont tres incroyable!

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